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Kaye and Seamus are the owners of Homestead Park and welcome you to celebrate your special day within the stunning grounds of their home.  

The first wedding held at Homestead Park was ​that of Kaye and Seamus in 2017, and ultimately paved the way for The Barn to become the wedding venue it is today! 

But before that initial day of celebration, Homestead Park and the surrounding lands, was a significant location for Seamus, whose Grandfather owned the property during his youth and where Seamus remembers spending much of his childhood milking cows, shearing sheep and riding horses across 1300 acres of picturesque farmland. 

Meanwhile, Kaye grew up in Leongatha and spent much of her youth growing up in regional country towns. As a result, marrying Seamus and moving to Homestead Park was essentially a return to her roots and she now spends her time not only in the corporate world (the day job) but working with couples to bring their dream weddings to life in a space that she loves.  



Homestead Park and The Barn was built in the late 1800s by John Dore, the first European settler in the Nar Nar Goon Area and is the second house built in the area.

Although Seamus spent much of his youth on the property, it was only in 2005 that he was able to buy back 28 acres of the original property, which thankfully included the original homestead and milking yards. 

Since their wedding in 2017, when they were encouraged to potentially share The Barn as a wedding venue, Kaye and Seamus have not only painstakingly renovated both the interior and exterior of the venue, but also extended the space with a sustainable renovation in 2021. 

This new renovation has not only doubled the size of The Barn, but also included a new stables for those wishing to share their day with their equine friends), bar area and an all important commercial kitchen. 

For Seamus and Kaye, The Barn allows them to share the magic of Homestead Park with the wider world and in their mind, there is nothing more romantic than a wedding, set against the backdrop of picturesque countryside and heritage era buildings. 

& should The Barn ever need a change of pace, Kaye would be more than happy to turn it into an animal sanctuary. 



Andrew and I had the most special surprise wedding here, absolutely stunning venue and staff exceptionally helpful with the running of the night.


Kaye and Seamus made our night run as smoothly as possible despite the weather and we couldn’t be more thankful.


Special shout out to Kaye who endeavoured to make our night so special even though it was her birthday.